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About Painted Hand Farm
Long before there was a local foods movement, when farm-to-table wasn't in style and TV dinners were all the rage, Sandra Kay Miller wanted to raise livestock. But it wasn't until she moved across the country to attend college in southern California she had the opportunity to live and work on cattle, horse, citrus and avocado ranches in the Ojai Valley.

During her twenty years in California, she was involved in the food industry--grocery stores, restaurants, delis, a catering business and even writing a food column for the Los Angeles Times. But the dream of having her own farm continued to smolder until in 2000 when she purchased a woefully run-down Civil War era farm in Cumberland County near where she had grown up and much of her family still lived.

Over the years the trash and abandoned vehicles have been hauled off, the property fenced in sections to support rotational grazing and browsing and the fertility restored to the soil with the natural rhythms of livestock, poultry and cover cropping.

Today, Painted Hand Farm provides naturally & humanely raised livestock, including goats, veal, beef, poultry, pork and lamb to farmers markets and restaurants in the mid-Atlantic region as well as directly from the farm for ethnic holidays.
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Life is too short to eat bad food.
Maps & Directions
When visiting the farm, please keep in mind that we frequently share the road with horse-drawn buggies in the area and drive accordingly.
Meet the Farmer
Mission Statement
Our mission is to raise healthy, happy livestock in a way that respects the animals, the community, the environment and the farmers and to deliver the highest possible quality of food to our customers.
Sandra Kay Miller is a female farmer, damn good cook & witty writer slicing her finger open on the cutting edge of sustainable agriculture and ethically eating extremely well.
Meet the Team
Sierra Sigler is the eyes, the ears and the hands at the farm on market days. You may see her this summer as she cuts her teeth on the Thoughtful Farmers Market.
Alex Moats does double duty at the farm and at markets. He'll be the regular at Bethesda Central Farmers Market this year so stop by and say hello.
Spud Potter is another face you'll see roving around the various markets.